Distracted Driving Keynote

Distracted Driving Keynote

This keynote drives home how humans sense of safety in a motor vehicle is skewed by the natural world we live in and how hypnosis and muscle memory play a huge part in our safety behind a wheel.  


The distracted driving keynote goes in depth on how distractions in everyday life greatly affect our safety. It also covers how we can massively lower the potential for serious injury and or death by just addressing a few simple topics and scenarios.


The keynote will cover:

1.      The pros and cons of how the  human mind reacts and deals with the complexity of driving

2.      Cell phones usage

3.      Other occupants and distractions within the vehicle

4.      Outside influences

5.      Step by step process to increase safety


All of these topics will be included in a 35-45 min keynote followed by a 15 min question and answer session.

The best part about our keynote and seminars is how the participants can physically see how the hypnotist who performs an entertaining show and applies many of the same mindsets and techniques from the keynote or seminar to reinforces those beneficial teachings.