The ultimate in the abilities of the human mind. There are endless limits of hypnosis and Swinging Watch Entertainment stays on the cutting edge of the art.


Many people have scene the boring hypnosis shows, but by booking one of our knowledgable hypnotists you ensure success that all the people attending will rave about for times to come. Many people have questions about hypnosis so we have set up a FAQ section for you to enjoy and learn more about hypnotists and our shows.


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The infamous company game show events where you become the contestant. All game show events are coordinated to your groups specifics mixing different variations of classic and current games into a whole room of excitement where everyone is involved in one way or another and at the end of the event everyone is a winner.


Over our many years the game show event, including holiday, corporate, and high schools are consistent repeat customers as our clients keep us coming back year after year. Our packages are custom designed for your specific function.


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Organization is a key to a successful event and when you want to put your feet up and enjoy the event, book one of our MC's to organize and present your next event with style. All of our MC’s have the availability to provide equipment and audio to compliment any event.


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